Friday, June 12, 2009

datuk kadar shah suleimen shah

PETALING JAYA, June 5 — Datuk Kadar Shah Sulaiman, the man who helped Indonesian beauty Manohara Odelia Pinot escape her Kelantan prince, now says that a break is just what the couple need now and alluded to a possible reconciliation.

"A cooling-off period of a few weeks or months and they may fall back in love," Kadar Shah told The Malaysian Insider from Jakarta last night.

"You know these type of love affairs, how they are. And Manohara is still so young. She's a princess now and may miss palace life," said the Muar Umno branch chief.

He said, however, that if it still does not work out after a few months’ break, then the couple should divorce.

The marital spat between Tengku Temenggong Tengku Mohamad Fakhry Petra and the 17-year-old model has created a sensation in both Southeast Asian countries.

Manohara has claimed that she was physically and sexually abused while the Kelantan palace has insisted that it is a private matter between husband and wife.

Kadar Shah was the go-between the Kelantan palace and Manohara's family and claimed he was "given the blessing" of the palace to sort the matter out.

It took two months of planning and going back and forth before Manohara's dramatic escape in Singapore last Saturday.

Kadar Shah said he tried to work out a deal and get both sides to compromise and convince the prince to allow Manohara to meet her mother Daisy Fajarina.

The mother has been appearing on Indonesian TV shows alleging that Manohara had been abused since her marriage to the Kelantan prince last August.

When the Sultan of Kelantan sought medical treatment in Singapore, Tengku Fakhry and Manohara went to Singapore to visit him.

Kadar Shah also went to Singapore and arranged a lunch where he said he managed communicate to Manohara despite the presence of Tengku Fakhry's men.

"If you feel unhappy or unsafe, you have to korek (scratch) my hand when we shake hands.

"When we shook hands, she korek so hard, because you know, she has long finger nails," he recalled.

"Even when she went to the toilet, she was followed. However, before she left she left a note on a piece of tissue: 'I am not happy, please help me. I want to go home'.”

The tissue was shown by Kadar Shah on Indonesia TV.

"What I did was for the best for everybody," said the Umno man.

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